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At North Bushey Baptist Church you are welcome, whether you’re a ‘first timer’ or a ‘regular’. We don’t have all the answers and we still have plenty of questions which we like to explore together. There's space and time for those who have found faith, those who are looking, those who are young and those who are older.  So whether you’ve got it together or are falling apart, don’t be afraid to turn browsing into visiting us.  


2000 years ago Jesus lived on this earth.

He brought hope then, and he still brings hope now.

Discover the new life His hope brings

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... a series on the story of Ruth ...

(8th book in the Old Testament)


 A famine forces Elimelech and Naomi from their Bethlehem home to the country of Moab.

Elimelech dies and her two sons marry two Moabite girls, Orpah and Ruth.

Both of her sons die, and Naomi is left with her two daughter-in-laws in a foreign land.

Naomi decides to journey back to Bethlehem; Orpah returns to her parents but Ruth determines to stay with Naomi.

This moving story of love and devotion tells of Ruth's eventual marriage to a wealthy man named Boaz,

by whom she bears a son, Obed, who becomes the grandfather of David and hence the ancestor of Jesus.