About Us

At North Bushey Baptist Church you are welcome, whether you’re a ‘first timer’ or a ‘regular’, to join our very friendly congregation of around 40 people who meet together to worship God.

Who We Are

We are part of God's family in North Bushey, loving HIm and welcoming others in His name.

Where Are We

We are located near the roundabout in Park Avenue. Some people call us 'The Church by the Bus Stop' which is named after us.

About North Bushey Baptist Church

The church began here in the 1950s when the fields around were transformed into PIne Ridge Estate, now known as North Bushey. The church started out as a Sunday School, which later moved into a large hut the builders left behind, when they finished building Park Avenue. Things went well and in 1954 local residents were invited to Sunday Services. The ‘North Bushey Free Church’ was born.

Two years later the housing association offered to sell the building to the church and lease them the land. With help from the Baptist Union and the local churches, the hall was demolished and a more perminant building established. The building is still in use today. The foundation stone was laid in 1961 and you can see this by the front door.

But the church isn’t a building: it’s people who love Jesus and come together in love and friendship. And since those early days they have been reaching out to young and old (and those inbetween) in thte North Bushey community.

If you want to know more about our history, then just ask Alison or Owen Harvey who have researched it.

Much has changed in the last seventy years and the way we do things at church has changed too. But God’s love for us all never changes. We invite you to come and share in it with us.