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What do Christians believe?

Perhaps you’ve come across our website and you’re not sure you really understand what it is that Christians believe.  Maybe you know a few bible stories that were read to you when you were growing up but you’re not sure how those stories relate to the way that those who call themselves Christians live their lives.  If that describes you a great place to start is by looking at has lots of questions and answers that may help you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there then we’re always happy for you to get in contact. We can have a chat with you and help you understand who we are and what we believe.

What does North Bushey Baptist Church believe?

Once you’ve got a bit of the big picture of Christian faith you can then begin to understand what we at North Bushey Baptist Church believe.  Here are a few paragraphs that summarise the main beliefs we hold:

We believe God created and loves all of us. We can discuss how long it took, or why there are tears and pain, but at the heart of our faith is the belief that God is not only huge and strong but also loving and caring.

We believe that Jesus Christ was a real person, who lived on earth, taught us amazing things about being human and what God is like. We believe, somehow though the mystery of God, he was fully human and fully divine. We believe that he died on the cross and came back from death to life again.  We believe that this changed everything because in doing so Jesus has made a way for us to know God.  This means death is not the end, so we don’t need to be afraid.

And we believe that God’s presence is available to all who ask by his Spirit. He helps us get the most out of life, find inner peace, make wrongs right and pass on the good news of Jesus in word and deed. We believe there’s even room for miracles, big ones and little ones too.

These ideas (and how Baptist churches apply them) are pulled together in what is a rather formal document the ‘Declaration of Principle’ which forms a backbone in all Baptist churches. You can see that here

What does it mean to be a Baptist Church?

Baptists churches are found in almost every country of the world as part of the world-wide Christian church. Baptists sit along side other denominations (Christian traditions) such as Anglicans, Methodists and Pentecostals. For Baptists the church is not so much a particular place or building, but rather a family of believers, committed to Jesus, to one another and to the serving God in the world.

Each church is able to choose it’s own leaders, and the church is self supporting and self governing.  Although each Baptist church is independent, Baptists have always believed in associating with one another and with other denominations.  We love to work together to make Jesus known. If you’d like to understand more about the Baptist denomination you can do so here

How does this shape how we live?

We seek to make our faith real in our day-to-day lives.  We want to be the kind of people who love others, who are quick to bless and slow to get angry.  We think of others before ourselves and seek their good, whether at work, at home or out doing the shopping.

When we meet together as the church we let these values shape our shared life.  We choose to serve each other, taking care of each other’s needs and speaking kindly. We love to welcome the stranger like a long lost friend and make sure they know whoever they are that God loves them and so will we. We also make decisions together, we believe no body is better than anyone else and that each of us can hear God’s voice for ourselves.

We know that none of us live up to this all the time so we practice saying sorry to one another and God often. We forgive each other when we get it wrong and keep working at learning how to reflect God’s love in our lives.  So when you meet us you’ll be meeting a work in progress not perfect people.

We believe that everyone matters to God whether they live next door or on the other side of the world so we try to buy fairtrade, be careful with the environment and support charities locally and internationally.

Of course, there’s lots more we could say but hopefully, that gives you a few of the basics.  If there’s more you want to know pop along one Sunday and we’ll happily have a chat.

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