On a Monday morning I do my daily 10mins of exercises to keep me strong and supple (well that’s the aim!) then I meet with a friend to pray. He then goes to work and I do all the other things my 'retired life' is full of.


On a day off I love to spend some time going for a walk in the park or woods, enjoying the sights and sounds of outdoors, birds, water, fresh air, especially if shared with friends.


At home I like to relax with a book, or watch ‘Call the midwife’ with my wife … I’m now quite an expert but have yet to try out my new knowledge! I also like to watch programmes on black holes … infinity … curved spacetime … fundamental particles … usually on my own.


When it comes to faith I heard the message about acceptance, forgiveness, and a living relationship with God through Jesus’ death and rising to life. I pondered it for some time before deciding to go to church one Sunday. As I walked through the door, I sensed something amazingly new and just found that I believed. Over the years there have been tough times of doubt and hanging on, but I guess God has hung on to me! There’s no better way to live life than in God’s forgiveness.


When it comes to NBBC I love the way everyone contributes in many different ways, whether seen, or quietly in the background. And the variety in the meetings – everyone has their own style, something for everyone; we’re all different, all needing God’s forgiveness and a supporting family … which is NBBC.