Sheila Loader

On a Monday morning, I usually find myself at home doing “chores” and preparing for tuition classes I teach on Tuesday.

Having retired, every day, in theory, is a ‘day off’ for me, but for relaxation and depending upon the season, you will find me either out for a LONG walk, or at the Globe theatre as a yardling, i.e. standing during the whole performance, or shouting loudly at rugby match, cheering on my favourite rugby team Saracens!

At home I love it when folks drop in for coffee and chat, but also enjoy curling up on my comfy settee and watching documentaries, especially those of a historical nature and period costume dramas.

When it comes to faith I’m still a beginner. Each new life experience continues to teach me more of the graciousness and generosity of our God.

When it comes to NBBC I really appreciate the warmth and friendship of those within the fellowship. The combination of their informality and desire to seek more knowledge of our amazing God inspires me.